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Breastfeeding Help

Breastfeeding support services

antenatal Breastfeeding education and classes

*learn about Breastfeeding

*discuss with us your preexisting conditions that

could effect breastfeeding

* establish a plan with us

* discuss which current Breast pumps are available and most popular on the market and whether it is worth getting a pump or not - you could save $$ by not getting to much equipment or a pump that you don't need.

My offer:

Individualised learning at home in person or via Skype

The fee is $170/ 60 min session ( travel allowance might be charged if more than 20 km distance from Pearce).

Longer sessions are available.

Breastfeeding support

* "one on one" at home or in a clinic

* or via Skype

the first visit:

*usually takes around 1-1.5hrs

fee $210 ( $220 after hours ( before 8:00 or 17:00 or later, or weekend / public holidays)

Home visits:  if you live >20kms from Pearce travel costs may occur ( as per the disclaimer below)

*subsequent visits may take less time and cost between $170-210 depending on length of consultation and may also attract a fee for travel costs. ( visits lasting longer than 90 min may require us to schedule a second appointment).

Clinic visits can be 30 min to 90 min.

My offer is:

*discussing your concerns

*exploring your goals

*assessment of the current situation

*examining any obstacles

*creating a plan/ a strategy

*follow up and evaluation

Being available as a consistent person to discuss where the strategies and your own path is taking you.

Breastpump Hire and Sale

* contact us directly to find out more about the options of breast pump hire and sale

- we stock Spectra Pumps ( S1 and S2)

- we ensure that the breast flange sizes are fitting correctly at no cost

- we stock Hakaa pumps

- we have LaVie breast massagers

Disclaimer: All services have to be paid in full at time of service. We accept cash, Paypal and some credit cards.

If you live more than 20km distance from our business address (Pearce (ACT)) we will charge an extra fee as follows:

21-30 kms driven ( one way): $ 15 added per visit

31-50 kms driven ( one way): $ 40 added per visit

51-70 kms driven ( one way): $ 70 added per visit